Twenty years ago, a local group of concerned citizens turned out to be dynamic visionaries. They saw a need in the community and set about to find a solution.  Through their compassion, ingenuity, perseverance and passion, Community Caregivers was formed.

We have grown from a church outreach mission providing 500 services a year to an independent 501(c)3 providing 3,000 services a year!

Your donation will have a positive impact on our neighbors and their families. People like our Neighbor Grace who wrote:

“You cannot imagine how much you have done for me through my long
        and lengthy illness while I was fighting to get well.  You all were so kind
        and caring…You made it possible for me to stay in my home of 57 years.”

Your donation allows us to respond to Grace and others like her.  The current aging population results in an increased demand for our services. Your generosity will allow us to meet this demand.

For 20 years, Community Caregivers has provided free services to support our neighbors’ desire to remain living independently in their own homes. 

Will you donate today to support our mission?