Some of the “Top 20” Volunteers in 2017 are pictured here with their “You are superb” herbal arrangements.

In honor of the organization’s 20th Anniversary, the “Top 20” Volunteers were recognized at this year’s Annual Meeting.  Recognitions were made based on a variety of reasons that included hours donated, number of services provided (whether direct services or “behind the scenes”), or miles driven.

The superb Top 20 Volunteers in 2017 who provided 63 percent of the services completed in 2017 are:  Jackie Berry, Sylvia Detscher, Roger Blake, Betsy Merkle, Sally Sibulkin, Paul Arnold, Les Haynes, Linnie Page, Lee Mattson, Peter Halfman, Connie Cunningham, Peter Allen, Wendy Papagolos, John McRae, Art Tucker, Dick Russell, Mike Devanney, George Jewell, Linda Tucker and Charlotte Leavitt.  Paul Arnold was also recognized for 5 Years of Volunteer Service and Sally Dussault, Bill Lee, Linda Lee and John McRae for 10 Years of Volunteer Service.

Retiring Board members were recognized for their service in leadership, guidance, fundraising and policy and program oversight: Peter Allen, John Buckley, Debra Peaslee, Sally Dussault and Naella McLaughlin.

Community Caregivers could not fulfill our mission without the time and talent which Volunteers donate, whether by direct services to our Neighbors or behind the scenes through service on committees, at events and by administrative help.  Each of those recognized were given a table centrepiece that was a decorated herb plant with a label stating “You are supHERB!”